Closers weekly rankings topic.
Week 72:

Gamemeca: #39
Gamenote: #86
Week 73:

Gamemeca: Fell off.
Gamenote: #87
Week 74:

Gamemeca: Nope.
Gamenote: #87
Week 75:

Gamemeca: Nada
Gamenote: #87
Week 76:

Closers go bye bye.

.....This happened last year right before Nata came out as part of the major summer updates. So I wouldn't worry about it.
Week 77:

Still bye bye.
Week 78:

SEULBI HYPE!..... What? No?
Week 79:

S.....Seulbi hype? Next week?

Edit: Okay, I just discovered something that seriously brings Gamenote's credibility into question: Overwatch is missing.

Overwatch is huge in South Korea. Some sources are saying it has dethroned League of Legends. But Gamenote has Grand Chase, a game that shut down on 12/31/15 on its top 100 for the week of 6/20 to 6/26 2016. But not Blizzard's new hit game. On a ranking of games popular in South Korea which is known for its love of Blizzard games. Uh huh. Sure. I'll believe that more people visit the Grand Chase website that no longer exists than those that play Overwatch.....
Week 80:

Gamemeca: #48
Gamenote: #87


.....But more on my distrust on Gamenote. I find it pretty suspicious that Closers holds #87 for weeks, falls off, and then suddenly reappears right at #87 as soon as it returns. All while Grand Chase remains at #50 despite being a literal dead game and Overwatch being completely absent even though it is huge in South Korea. (Complete with D.Va pictures popping up in my Closers fanart searches on Pixiv.)

I'm going to keep on following Gamenote's rankings. I just don't trust them.
Week 81:

Gamemeca: #38
Gamenote: #86


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