Closers weekly rankings topic.
Week 144: #46

Well, so much for that.
If I'm just starting to play, do I still have a chance of a place in the ranking?
Uhh, these are game popularity rankings.

But if you whale hard enough you can get into the Dragon Hall rankings, sure.


Week 145: #43
You don't actually need to whale for dragon hall rankings tho, nearly anyone can manage to get into the top 100 given that they got their class appropriate gear and run it with talismans/buffs on.

That being said, top 30~ is reserved to players with thicc stats and knowledge of how to skip mob/boss spawn animation.
Week 146: #48

Let's be honest: Purification Operations Center is ****. Of course this is happening.

Well, the new character will come out in a few months and it'll shoot back up again.....
Week 147: Much to the surprise of no one, it fell off.
Week 148: #48
I believe we can come up to #40 if we just keep trying
(10-25-2017, 09:45 PM)CaylvanythSama Wrote: I believe we can come up to #40 if we just keep trying

The rankings are based on how popular the games are IN KOREA, in PC Bangs.

They have nothing to do with us or us trying, unless you go to South Korea by yourself and convince a good amount of people to play the game often in PC bangs, nothing is going to change.

This is why those rankings are more or less an accurate representation of how the game is doing in its own homeland, still has nothing to do with us.
Week 149: #49

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