Closers weekly rankings topic.
Geez...kudos on your dedication.
No longer active
Week 150: #43
Week 151: #49

No love for Wolfgang.
Week 152: Fell off. Sorry Wolfgang. Nobody loves you.

We're probably going to get only female characters from here on out.....
Week 153: Still gone.
Week 154: A 15 year old redhead tsundere with a shield? God help us if that's what it takes to save Closers.
Week 155: #50

Yep. Jailbait is Closers' salvation. What the hell?!
Week 156: #46

Big forehead hype.
Week 157: #31

HOLY ****! What a jump.

.....Why do Asian countries love underage girls so much?!

Edit: Wait a minute. It went up by 15 ranks, Luna is 15......
Week 158: #31

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