Closers weekly rankings topic.
Week 191: #38

.....Goes back up because heterochromia waifus. Wait, what?
Week 192: #48

Oh dear.....
Week 193: Gone.

I guess it's time to say Bai Bai. Until the next waifu comes in the winter updates.....
Weeks 194-200: I think the Chinese version is what's keeping the game up at this point.
Week 209 (I think): #43

Naddic sold their soul to a borderline loli version of Elesis. (I say borderline because she has curves, which lolis aren't supposed to have. But the rest of her..... definitely invoking the image of prepubescence.)..... and it worked. AND they did it right after Elsword also released a loli with disgusting shark teeth.


I think I'm done with kMMOs forever after the Black Mage event on MapleStory is finished. Lolis are a blight.
I doubt anyone is left here to see this, but.....

I have finally defeated the Black Mage (May this playlist serve as proof.) and perhaps found the strength to quit MapleStory once and for all. And with that, I have decided to retire from kMMOs altogether.

Because honestly, it seems the entire Korean industry is slowly dying. The industry has grown stagnant as mobile games slowly consume everything. The last game I saw announced that I had interest in, Peria Chronicles, seems to have been silently canceled. A bad sign as that was a kMMO that truly had ambition. Perhaps that ambition was its downfall. And whenever there is a good kMMO (Lunia, Elsword, Closers), it eventually gets that update that leads the game down a new path that ultimately ruins the game. Namely since kMMOs seem to replace game directors at the drop of a hat. MapleStory is the one kMMO that has stayed true to its self. And..... it's still too damn grindy. With no signs of trying to streamline the game. (Reboot was a step in the right direction, but not a step far enough.) And with the increase in loli bullshit, it's slowly turning into the Japanese industry. Everything that made Korean games stand out is slowly being stripped away.

But the truest sign that it is time for me to go, is that Nexon's founder himself is sick of this industry as well and has put Nexon up for sale. Looks like he doesn't see a point in it now that the Black Mage is gone too.

And the Closers community seems to be pretty much dead. These forums are inactive. I don't recognize anyone in the Discord anymore.


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