Closers weekly rankings topic.
I pray there's some kind of patch where Naddic makes their game, y'know, a game. Closers has some of the worst pseudo-difficulty I've seen in a good while.
Git gud
Week 7: #90.

I'm actually surprised it went up, to be honest. I thought the latest area being a really grindy rehash area would have hurt more than helped.

Well, as long as people don't leave enmasse before Naddic can fix the game's problems.....
(02-08-2015, 11:13 PM)Endgame Wrote: enmasse

i thought you meant the company for a moment there and i was confused
I don't trust these ranking sites too much but this site gives their info in a news like format.
For this week, Closers went up by 11(18th) and surpassed Elsword (23rd)
Weather like description on Closers say "Closers, otakus stand united"
[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]
So one site says Closers is at 90, another site says it's not only at 18th, but it also managed to beat Elsword.

Man, that difference in information.

Do the Koreans consider one source to be more credible than the other? Like for instance, how we here in the west following the Console Wars treat the NPD numbers as an absolute, but laugh at anyone who uses VGchartz' numbers because we're positive they're just making them up?
Well, the official Nexon Closers Twitter retweeted the one that has Closers at 18th place, so there's that to consider.
Well, whatever the case, Gamemeca says Closers is doing a hell of a lot better than Gamenote does. (On week 2, Closers was just 1 rank below a certain other game that the Naddic team had involvement with. And on week 6, Closers was 1 rank above it.)

May as well just list them both.

Week 8:

Gamemeca: #24
Gamenote: No longer in the top 100.

One site says the game has dropped but is still going strong, the other says the game isn't even a blip on the radar.

This really makes me curious of how these sites are getting their information. But no matter what, I'm pretty sure Closers' future is secure judging from the enthusiasm shown for the game at Comic World:
I still can't get over how much they put into marketing the game. Before release, the game had a booth so large and high-tech, you thought it was the freaking future, and even now, they're doing stuff like recreating the Black Lambs waiting room.

Even with cosplayers, they're going all out. It's one thing to hire enough for the Black Lambs, it's another thing to get people to cosplay as the freaking Korean Police.

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