Closers weekly rankings topic.
OMFG, MOMENT WHEN I SAW MU ONLINE ranked 39, i'm shocked a game that old still survive, such legend. I think i should play Mu again. This is one of my 1st MMOs on PC ever
lol there was an incident that showed staffs incompetence in comic world. It was kind of a disaster.

Although the incident was caused partly because there was too many people interested in Closers
[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]
...this game's destined to go down, isn't it.
(02-20-2015, 12:28 AM)2nafish Wrote: there was an incident

what was the incident
Week 9:

Gamemeca: #24
Gamenote: #94
Oh hey, it went up. Slightly.
Week 10:

Gamemeca: #29
Gamenote: Not in the top 100.

The game disappearing from Gamenote and dropping from their best at #18 to 29 now is so expected.
Unless they revamp area E, fixed the bugs, improved game optimization. I'm not going to touch end game content at all.
It was pretty well made but area E seems like they have ran out of ideas and used the previous maps but just edited them slightly and slapped in filters.
The boss in Area E is too strong to solo.
and the grinding there make it worst.
Week 11:

Gamemeca: #32
Gamenote: Still missing.

I just found a detail that might explain some of the differences in game rankings between the two sites though: Gamenote tracks games that you have to buy like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 while Gamemeca's rankings are purely for free to play games.

This doesn't however, explain why Gamemeca has Closers ahead of games that Gamenote has way ahead of it.

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