Closers weekly rankings topic.
Week 15:

Gamemeca: #33
Gamenote: #91

Gamemeca: Closers is doing slightly better this week.
Gamenote: Closers activity is going down! WAY down!

Korean game ranking sites work in mysterious ways.
Week 16:

Gamemeca: #38
Gamenote: #91

I wouldn't start worrying until after the Summer updates come and Closers is still dropping.
I'm surprised Closers is still in both rankings, considering nothing of note has happened the past month, aside from topless boys.
Week 17:

Gamemeca: #50
Gamenote: #92

No Season 2 hype? Or did the announcement convince everyone to stop playing until Season 2 comes out?

.....Is Naddic going to have to pull a KOG and give out free level 40 characters and +10 weapons?
i hope no free stuff but 100% exp event would be super nice
Week 18:

Gamemeca: #45
Gamenote: #91

Yuri saved the game from falling off! Now let's hope some actual endgame content can raise it back up.
Week 19:

Gamemeca: #38
Gamenote: #91
Things seem to be looking up. Hope it stays that way.
hoping for Closers to reach top 10 on both chart until then i'm being a work-alcoholic human being : >
Week 20:

Gamemeca: #38
Gamenote: #86

Things are finally looking up!

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