[ClosersHQ-NASA] Manual patch 9/1/2015
Patch Files for 9/1/2015

Download Link:

Additional updates: (must have the files above):

Do not copy the direct link, please link back to this thread.

  1. Extract zip file.
  2. Overwrite the Closers folder that you have installed Closers in. The zip file is designed to overwrite your existing folder.
    (My install is at: C:\SEGA\Closers)

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All hail to Ben
Yeah, this really helps, thanks!
Hit the like button that's all I wanted from u guys : D

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on what day do the patch sill start
(09-02-2015, 09:37 AM)tpoeyyp999 Wrote: on what day do the patch sill start
I don't get what u mean

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sr dat forgot da "like" button (^ v -)*\

btw tks for this.
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