ClosersHQ Scavenger Hunt 1 Year Edition
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ClosersHQ Scavenger Hunt 1 Year Edition

  • We set back 1 year ago where everything started, OBT Closers and the birth of, such an amazing year we had. We achieved many mile goals on the forum, built an awesome and dank community together, revamped the sh*t out of the forum. This event is tribute to all of you members of our community, what better than a top kek scavenger hunt in the game we play and love(i hope). This is a free to join, this event is hosted by Casey, the owner of ClosersHQ himself, and me.
#The Event:
  • 6 Rounds of Scavenger Hunts, Casey will do separate threads for each rounds.
#The Prizes:
  • 6 winners of each rounds will enter a raffle, then will be randomized (while being recorded, for anti-rigging).
  • Final winner will receive a PC (do not include monitor or peripherals, just the tower) and 10 USD equivalent to Nexon Codes or JP Webmoney or KR account.
    The PC is worth a grand total of $1000+ USD. PC Part List: click here
  • All runner up will receive 20 USD equivalent to Nexon Codes or JP Webmoney or KR account.
#The Rules:
  • All answer must have an explanation or screenshot to it, otherwise all guesses will be ignored.
  • To participate, and win the final prize you must have an address that can be ship to by UPS or FedEx, do not worry you only have to give it to me when you are the winner for the final prize. And I will pay for all the shipping costs.
  • All participant must be an individual, you can form a team but the final prize is for 1 participant only.
  • If you are a winner of a previous round, you are not allowed to participate or help the other player in future rounds, you can watch and chat thou.
#How to apply:
  • Just participate in the hunts, details will be posted in each round.
#Event Threads:
All discussion and questions shall be posted here or PM directly to me on Discord @BenNguyen (NASA Drunk)
When does it start? Big Grin
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
[Image: WyY2kGE.jpg]
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(01-13-2016, 04:14 PM)gintoki147 Wrote: When does it start? Big Grin

this weekend
The event itself was fairly fun and clearly well made. It had effort put into it, and the prizes were nice. Congrats to all winners btw, and thank you very much Ben for doing this~

The general professionalism of the hosts however left a lot to be desired. I and other people had answers constantly being told they were wrong, only to later be told they were correct, or vice versa. One poor person in the chat was trying their best and got sidelined with 'too bad, I'm playing a video game right now.' When it'd be quiet for a long time, they'd get upset because they suddenly had to read a bunch of answers, as if people just stopped participating when they stopped.

It was a good event, but if you guys ever decide to do something like this again, you might want to get a few extra hands from the staff so you're not so overwhelmed, there's someone available at all times for participants, and be more objective.
oh .. i'm happpy about this game .. i'm so exited to play

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