ClosersHQ Scavenger Hunts Round 2
event details:

Closers Agents need to find 3 codes in-game wether it's be on an object or background, recommended you have access to all zones. Bonus hints will comes out in everyday and there will be total of 3 hints for each code
Code segments included numbers and letters

For Round 2 There will be 3 code segments

Code Segment 1 Hints:
  • Hint 1:This Code is next to the GATE
  • Hint 2:This Code is near your wallet
  • Hint 3:This Code is in a flying fortress

Code Segment 2 Hints:
  • Hint 1:This Code involve Shopping time
  • Hint 2:This Code can be found on Black Places
  • Hint 3:This Code can be find by turning your camera

Code Segment 3 Hints:
  • Hint 1:This Code is Where Things Broke down
  • Hint 2:This Code location involve Constructions
  • Hint 3:Be Patient and “it” will turn

you can edit your answer all you want until the deadline, but remember if you edit it will also update the time you edit your answer. And 1st one to get the answers right get to win.

Dead Line: Jan 28th 2017 11:59PM PST or When some one get perfect answers

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