ClosersHQ give away
I am giving away my old account, i have not have this game install for 1 year now and it would be a watse to throw away an account. Don't worry it is not trade lock, i have already checked.

Account inventory:

it is not a good account for veteran player, it has a bunch of costumes and ****, but barely any equipment, it can be a good starter account in someway.

if you are interested in joining, it is very simple, just answer a few question in this google form, and leave ur discord username and number like this Ben™#6969 and you are entered, you will have 1 week to enter and i will be annoucing the winner on DIscord.

Google Form :

if you give a good constructive feed back in the form, he get extra entries

and do not be wary your response will only be seen by Casey the owner and me.

Big thanks to Pachii for suggesting and take the screenshot for me, because i am way tooo lazy.

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