ClosersHQ official Show off thread
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I can only use it with VIP service for now though.....
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It isn't much compared to someone working for NASA but hey, not a single cent spent....yet Big Grin
dont compare just show off this is what the thread for show people whats u proud of, and have fun
Strongest enemy atm, floor 60 hall of dragons, Sephiroth DOWN.
Time to take a break from closers.
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[Image: kLnPGlE.png]
Lv3 OA Seulbi :^)
(Should be 1, damn you tutorial!)
lol nice
I know it's not much....but I've just finished my seha build XD

[Image: 12f99f0ae4.jpg]
(04-28-2015, 03:43 AM)SeaDa Wrote: I know it's not much....but I've just finished my seha build XD

[Image: 12f99f0ae4.jpg]

"It's not much," the man said while holding onto a +11 weapon while wearing a full 3-star costume set, armed with 12k Physical DPS.
(Like holy sh*t man good job lol)
No longer active
That GhostHunter guild remind me of Elsword KR, I know a few people from there. yay to Vietnamese community
Well I don't play KR elsword so.......XD I just join in cuz we are in the same group and my seulbi has like 14k dps with 3 stars costume too pure grind XD

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