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Today I logged in to spend all that 1kk VP and make my characters more op, then I remembered why I quit this game.
The RNG for equipment properties is so f***ing unfair. I don't have patience for that anymore. burn in hell kog

I PvPed with my friends and it was very fun though.
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(01-31-2015, 08:22 PM)gintoki147 Wrote: The RNG for equipment properties is so f***ing unfair.

i can understand how thatd be a problem before but considering you can buy as many prop resets/seal breakers as you want im assuming thats not a problem now?? right???
This game pisses me off. Even if you hack all the way to the top, this RNG for GP equipment will still ruin everything. Unless you buy Gacha sets you'll be stuck forever with crap equipment. Those prop reseters still don't solve the problem because they are also RNGd. To fix all my equipment I'd have to buy thousands of them.
And no, I don't want to buy Gacha sets. I know it doesn't make sense, but that's how I feel.
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im gonna have to disagree with you there. my account was SS ranked with gp armor and doin great, and even on a newer account, fighting was a challenge, yeah, but it wasn't really hard. it's just a matter of weeding out the drops that you get?

gacha sets will jump you to SS really easily and you'll be one-shotting at that level but they're not the best armor in the game by a long shot, matter of fact you cant even use cash to get the best armor in the game lol
But I want to use the equipment I worked hard to get, not a given Gacha set.
Have you ever had the chance to take a look into the game's files? Did you know that the chances of getting good props are purposely lower than the bad's?

When I stopped playing, 2 years ago, my equipment was top notch. Even if I abused of glitches and hacks, it was really hard to get them perfect. Do you know how many earrings I had to dupe to get them perfect?

And those were only the earrings, and for one character only. What about the other parts?

Now, Special Attack really does something and then there's this new prop named Critical Damage. 2 more factors added to the RNG formula. Now imagine you trying to get good props in a Berkas set, without using Selectable Properties Scrolls (GP). You'll never make it.
And this is why I hate this game's mechanics. Even if you work hard, even if you abuse gliches and hacks (LOOK AT THE P2W LEVEL), even still, someone can just go there and buy a perfect lvl80 Gacha set, throwing all your hard work to trash. No wonder people stopped playing this.
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i really cant empathize with you at all

you want to use equipment "you worked hard to get," yet you have a history of hacking?

making desirable stats harder to obtain just seems... logical. like, of course thats the case?? and even then its only different by 5%, id say thats pretty damn reasonable

you duplicated earrings to get "the perfect stats" when its an gp item with no cash equivalent

it may be a little disheartening that someone can buy their way to my power level, but stressing over that seems immature. besides, before this vp event, that person would have had had to pay for that gacha set with their own money. they earned their strength just like we have, they just earned it in a different way.

and again, the berkas set is stronger than any cash set in the game, and it is impossible to use cash to aid in obtaining it. you might not get the holy quad of props on each and every piece, but from my experience you will always at least get one.
Hey, I don't support hacking anymore. Hacking by yourself is not as easy as it seems though. That was just me using my personal experience to illustrate the facts. A game where even when hacking you're weaker than someone who pays doesn't seem very fair to me.
The earrings were just an example. What about the other parts? Ghost Phoenix is supposed to be the equivalent of a Lv. 80 Gacha set.
That code picture was also just an example.  Every item in-game has different percentages.
Sure, you can't buy a full Berkas set (I don't even think this one is worth the trouble), but you can buy COSTUMES (some also give stats now) and overpowered PETS which often do most of the work in dungeons for you. I'm not being immature or jealous, because I actually paid for all these things too, but I kinda like to "separate" in-game money from real life. Sure, cashing should give you some special benefits, not instantly give you everything someone worked hard for. If you want stats in-game, then you should work hard in-game. That's what I appreciate in an online game and that's how it works in Closers (until now).

Anyway, I think this is the most P2W game ever along with Ragnarok and nothing will change it. u_u
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...R-ryan...I have a confession.
Ryan was the only character I never got past lv10.

....-runs away-
No longer active
(02-01-2015, 11:37 AM)Khleys Wrote: ...R-ryan...I have a confession.
Ryan was the only character I never got past lv10.

....-runs away-

lmao it's ok, ryan is ridiculously weak
you are absolved of your sins
Quote:A game where even when hacking you're weaker than someone who pays doesn't seem very fair to me.
OK, that's hilarious. You can literally solve any problem, even beat cheaters, just by throwing money at it.

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