Comparison: Levia vs Misteltein vs Nata
Levia's stats: [Image: 9SLEJXy.png]
Misteltein's stats: [Image: tNwYaSe.png]
Nata's stats: [Image: euU1tyL.png]

As you can see, Levia is someone who just got to Plane Gate. (Although she has a Plane Gate module from the event box.) She is the least geared of the three. Misteltein and Nata are at similar levels of gear. They both have their Plane Gate sets at the first upgrade, the same +8 whip, and both have a +10 non-set Plane Gate module that gives them 1000+ Attack. However, Nata has a slight advantage through having Two Star costume and accessories. (And admittedly, I should switch Misteltein to wands.)

Levia is only PNA level 4 as of the recording, while you can see Misteltein and Nata level up in their videos. They both have access to more SP as well. However, this leads to another advantage Nata has over Misteltein: Nata has SP spent in Physical Critical Hit Damage while Misteltein has SP invested in more skills, so there was no SP left to invest into it. It also helps that the Viking Bot boss is the easiest boss in the game to consistently get Back Attacks on. But Nata does run low on MP more often than Misteltein does.

However, my goal is not to compare Nata and Misteltein. (Who I do believe I could have done a better job with.) But rather, to compare them both to Levia. I just did a video with both of them because of their similar Plane Gate gear progress. (My Yuri also has similar gear, but she doesn't have a fully upgraded non-set module.)

I have chosen the Viking Bot (Which I call it in lack of knowing its actual name.) because it is the closest thing the game has to a "sandbag boss". It just sits there and you get to pound on it. Attacking it from one side always results in Back Attacks. It doesn't move so it's easy to always hit it with aerial versions of skills.

And now, the videos:




And yet, despite a significant gear gap between Levia and the other two..... she clears the entire stage faster! 20 seconds faster than Nata! While Misteltein is in last place, 21 seconds slower than Nata. Once again, I need to switch him to wands. He NEEDS Cooldown Reduction.

Also, I need to get better at consistently using Níðhöggr before FMs with Misteltein. It gives a -54% defense debuff..... probably lots of other things I could be doing better as well.

But basically, I just wanted to show how overpowered Levia is. Granted, she's a fun type of overpowered as opposed to the "makes the game too boring and easy" type of overpowered.
And you're not even using Serpent Swarm.

Call it slow, but it's insanely powerful. Would've easily chunked of a few more seconds from Levia's time.

Misteltein could rival it though, with proper set up and skill rotation (lots of his master effects rely on you using them at X skill chain), and while not part of the match up here, Seha and J both would destroy this thing much faster than Levia. She's likely about 3rd in actually being "overpowered". I know she doesnt have OA yet, but we'll see what happens then. Sometimes a character doesnt even require OA to be broken (J's Golden Time is a major example of this)
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Thing I've noticed on runs.
  • You don't use Tein to maximum potential.
    • You don't lay Green/Red spears before FM, those are extremely important when you're trying to compare to Levia's Summon Familiar passive.
    • You don't have Follow Me! active all that much, this is critical (haha get it) when you're trying to compare to Levia's Character Passive.
    • Obviously, the comparison from Wand to Whip when Misteltein damage can drastically increase with something as simple as 15% CDR...
  • You also don't use Nata to maximum potential, but that doesn't really matter because Nata's buffs aren't broken af to compared to Levia.
  • You spam skills on Levia MUCH MORE OFTEN THAN THE OTHER TWO.
    • I understand your philosophy behind this, since Levia pretty much does never run out of MP but Miseltein and Nata can both do the same exact thing...if you worry about not having to use MP pots, then that isn't exactly a fair DPS comparison.
  • You are very clearly a better pilot on Levia than the other two.

The most important part is that you aren't using Tein to maximum potential.
For Tein, something as simple as forgetting to lay a Green Spear is like throwing an extra Module out the window.

Also, honestly, Levia isn't that OP...but definitely one of the easiest characters to play. (Cos free stats when awk l0l)
If you take the time to look at her multipliers, most of them would make you puke. (Except for Serpent Swarm)

If I had to put her somewhere, she would be nicely tied with Tein c:
Unlike poor Nata, who will stay forever on the opposite end of where Seha is. (Poor Nata ;_; )

On a completely unrelated note,
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(08-04-2015, 10:11 AM)BenNguyen Wrote: loliboobs vs trapious pls vote

T for trap
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Definitely T
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