Confirmed NPC Voice Actors.
The official twitter account has released a few names of VAs to join the cast.

[Image: KiZ4Bci.jpg]
Character Name: 黒い包帯の男 (Black Bandaged Man)

[Image: 9yjAhYS.jpg]
Character Name: 謎の双子 (Mysterious Twins)

[Image: AiTyO36.png]
Character Name: ライナ・イクルミ (Liner/Raina Ikurumi)

[Image: 3HLXMBg.jpg]
Character Name: ソウタ・オノウエ (Souta Onoue)

[Image: BqwVjAC.png]
Character Name: キリツネ・クリュウ (Kiritsune Kuryuu)

[Image: Gk8rYIt.jpg]
Character Name:サトコ・シラトリ (Satoko Shiratori)

[Image: nKc4XVv.jpg]
Character Name: ウサギ・シライ (Usagi Shirai)

[Image: d3lnsxT.jpg]
Character Name: キャロル・リエル (Carol Riel)

[Image: SzejLOM.jpg]
Character Name: トシアキ・ブリュンヒルデ・クサナギ (Toshiaki Bryunhilde Kusanakgi)

[Image: 6ipvJU9.jpg]
Character Name: アコ・シノノメ (Ako Shinonome)

[Image: EQjEWqU.jpg]
Character Name: カレン・ハナヤマ (Karen Hanayama)

[Image: EOHdxUu.jpg]
Character Name: ゲンペイ・クマヅラ (Genpei Kumazura)

[Image: dwkTBkO.jpg]
Character Name: クリザリッド・ブラスター (Chryzalid Blaster)
VA: Ryouhei Arai (2nd NPC role)
[Image: Akuma_zps5f4d9d78.png]
If you require any sort of language assistance with Closers JP or any JP game, feel free to PM me.

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