Daily Quest Help!
I always get stuck up by this daily quest for days already and I can't seem to figure it out. Does anybody know how to complete this quest your help is greatly appreciated. Below is an attach image pertaining the specific quest.

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It is a bug and already reported to Sega JPN by other players. The YELLOW words are suppose to show you which dungeon but end up showing something like "no information on mission area".
But these types always mean Plane Gate, you try go Blue/Red gate step 3 and check the special dungeon there. Should be either one of them, and you just clear it twice in SS rank or above.
I really appreciated the info climaxed ^^ only problem is I'm currently stuck in step one still waiting for tomorrow to proceed to step 2 don't mind just venting my frustration...
Hahaha then no choice but to wait tomorrow. Normally the stage is either the one with shield boss, or the one with 2 bosses sword and arrow.

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