Decided to finally make an appearance~
Hey although I'm not technically new, I just decided to finally go 'Hello World!' haha.
I main Yuri, although them limited permament costumes are taking that time away  Sad

About myself... well first thing first is that I can't speak a single thing of Korean! Although i have aspired to remember the Korean keyboard so I can type ㅅㄱㅇ as well as simple internet slang (thank god that Dungeon Fighter wiki haha). I am slightly capable of Japanese, at the very least.
I live in Australia, the continent where it seems to be deemed to be filled with monsters out there for your blood on 9gag. More specifically, I live in Perth, the rural city XD.
Hobbies wise, I am a gamer (well if i wasn't I wouldn't be playing a game I can't understand) and anime (currently enjoying Aldnoah and KanColle). Think there's someone on this forums who also plays KanColle, but I gave up because RNG wouldn't give me any CVs lol. For games, i enjoy my JRPGs like Tales and FF, as well as like MGS and Blazblue/Guilty Gear.

Other hobbies would be like piano and taekwondo to make sure I'm not that unfit i guess haha.

So yea, hope to party with some of you guys =)
ID = FucSh1a

TBH, the biggest reason was my RL game friend quit Closers so I've been playing alone for roughly 2-3 weeks now...
hi~, welcome to our lovely/friendly community
pls check out our rules 1st of all, then pop in the guide if u need help, then translations and more.
make sure check out the chatango too
Have fun~
Hahaha cheers, been looking at it alot really XD
please accept this welcome gif and teach me hao 2 japanese
[Image: MQM3tyq.gif]
[Image: Aiip38z.png]

I hope you enjoy your stay here.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.

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