Details about J?
Since there is so much fus about J now, I was wondering, my J is level 28. I don't main him. Should I drop my current character and try to level him and get his permanent OA? How long does the OA event last for J? Would I have enough time to make it(with an average gameplay time of 2-3 hours per day)? Or is it not worth the effort?
If you want J OA, then it's worth the effort and much more if you enjoy J, if not then don't bother simple as that.

And actually J has the easiest OA in the game, it's fun how dumb is the OA J IA that you can actually just run from him and he'll use most of the time his finisher moves far from you, but yeah it depends if you want his permanent OA.

I don't actually think it's worth dropping your main character for J, unless that's what you wanna do, he's fun and with the changes he got during this update, he's actually alot more fun now, so it's up to you if you enjoy his playstyle.

And you have more than enough time to get permanent OA if you want it, it ends at 4/9.
the free OA and free intern outfit cannot be dismantle and later on in game you might want to try out other outfits in the union shops or blackmarkets. not really worth it, but take your time if you like collecting limited stuff.
You should be able to reach level 41 and do the 40 runs by 4/9. But I'm afraid we can't really tell you whether or not you'll enjoy J enough for it to be worth putting your main aside for the time being.

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