Let's talk difficulty.

  1. Is it generally fair? Where is it unfair?
  2. Do you generally enjoy that Closers is more difficult in general?
  3. How do you deal with the learning curve or difficulty scaling?
  4. Do you think the games difficulty is hurting the game?
  5. Are you scared that the game might get too difficult or dumbed down in the future?
I'll post my answers later.
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Let's give this a go.

1. The game is generally fair, enemies have wind up animations for their attacks, the red flashes do tell you when an attack is coming, even the enemies that "counter" your moves give you enough time to dodge their counter-attack. The only time it is relatively less fair is in Cube where clones can counter you instantly with a skill without giving you an option, even then you can bait their ultis first THEN attack them so not really an excuse to call it unfair.

2. I really like Closers as it is since it always keeps that feeling of "am I going to fail here?" Makes me feel like I'm actually being challenged even though the game is not that hard. A game's first objective is to make the player feel that they are awesome and Closers is doing that very well.

3. The difficulty curve is pretty fair and well done. A new element of battle is introduced each town instead of piling everything on you at one go.

4. The game's difficulty hurts the game a little only on solo on very hard missions as not everyone has the skill, patience or resources to do those. While this is not an issue for me as I enjoy soloing tough challenges, not all players can do that.

5. I am always scared that a game might get dumbed down to reach "bigger audiences" or because it is "too hard". So far though, Closers have been fair with their nerfs and buffs. As for the game getting too hard, right now the game's own system that I spoke about in the first answer shouldn't allow that much unless they change the game completely and make every mob act like clones.
Attack for the hit, fight for the win.

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well my opinion similar to sayi50

1. The game is generally fair and if you take time to learn the combo and skill the game play will be less difficult. in addition, The mobs give out where to attack and strike. also if you have played both elsxxxx and DnF it will be find easy.

2. I enjoy game that has some difficulty on it without difficulty it's not even worth to say it's game. All games have certain difficulty setting in their way and i remember one of online game's difficulty setting was so easy which makes player to leave as well.

3.This question can be approach different ways
- Farming to get decent gear
- practice the combo and understand skill to cover the difficulty
- party with other people
- ask friends who have decent gear to help out
- Some koreans help you if you pay them

There will be more ways but i'm usually farming to get decent gear and practice to deal with difficulty.

4. I would say a little as well because it's really depends on people. in my case i get decent gear and play as solo to deal with difficulty. but some quest require the VH solo in area 3 or 4 which makes hard for some people without decent geared player.

5.I think game can change time by time if there is problem they will fix it unlike somewhere other company. so far i think Naddic company do their jobs to deal with bots and try to make clean game. so i think difficulty can be change as well if players and GM think same way.

no challenge no life

if you can get what you want easily that's also one way to destroy game as well because they can get bored more faster. in addition, this game gives you game money if you take your time on farming without NX.
1. Generally fair. And I say that with italics. Most of the time it's fair, but not always, like cube for example where enemies randomly go into super armor while you're attacking them and can potentially one-shot you.
2. Yes, definitely.
3. Players will just get used to it as they keep playing the game.
4. No. In fact, that difficulty is one of the main reasons this game is fun.
5. Probably not. Naddic knows that Closers's main focus is PvE, if they dumb it down it'll hurt their game.
1-As long as you are playing the game on the intended settings,it is totally fair.
2-Yes,but as you noticed from people that dont play the game's comments on youtube,they say its easy because most of the time the bosses wont hit you even if you are just standing in front of them (would take them like 3 seconds to react)i hope this would be fixed on higher difficulties/next areas.
3-i just get used to the attack pattern/play more carefull/upgrade gears/get a lot of potions.
4-if it was easier than that no one would be playing the game.
5-No,i wish it gets more difficult on higher areas,for now its alright,but im scared it becomes easier due ti the complains about the difficulty.
1.) It's not really unfair. Every dungeon in the game is doable, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be...tweaked a bit? Closers isn't really difficult, you just can't ground combo forever.

2.) It forces you to git gud at aerial combos, which are fun to pull off, assuming you don't get screwed over by latency (or when you suddenly just can't use any of your skills for a bit.)

3.) There isn't really a difficulty curve? 1st and 2nd town are really easy. 3rd town was riddled with bosses that have attacks that last forever (looking at you, plants.) I do enjoy the 4th town's stronger normal enemies, however. (Even if that's mostly because normal enemies in the 4th town have a lot of health for whatever reason.)

4.) Maybe? Again, Closers isn't really that hard. Just because something takes a long time doesn't mean it's magically difficult. The grind for OA might push people away, but I assume the mission is that way it is to give people something to do while Naddic releases content.

5.) I don't see why they would. The only real way they could make Closers more difficult is to just have a boss who has room-sized attacks and super armor 100% of the time. I don't really have an answer to this one.
1) If u learn how to handle mobs, its totally fair
2)Yes i enjoy beacuse i like challenge games
3)I like the desings of this game and i learn how to handle
4)No. The difficult on the some games is so easy and i dont have enough fun. But closers difficult are fun on some duegons like the cube of OA quest i really love that duegon, Also Union turret (4-7) i love to fight With Hecatoncheire
5) I hope the game will become more hard. Beacuse The challenges makes the game more funny <'3
1. Generally. There are certain cheap aspects that I could do without. (Astaroth's counterattack frenzy, OA Seha's Point Blank Strike dealing 5000k+ and being unpredictable. etc.)
2. Yes.
3. It does spike kind of unexpectedly in Area 4. Hecatoncheires even out of nowhere pulls out an attack that you outright cannot avoid without using skills in the air.
4. I would think so. More difficult games in general tend to not be so popular with today's coddled gamers. Video games in general have been getting easier and easier. Even "hardcore" Korean games.
5. I am afraid they might dumb it down to be more "welcoming", yes. Granted, some things could stand to be tweaked.

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