Does anyone know where this drops?
[Image: S1fF5OY.png]

After only getting the other yellow non-set module from Risen Astaroth and the physical equivalent from the troll lord or whatever it's called on Level 1, I've began to think they're difficulty locked and climbed the difficulties all the way to level 8.

I've found proof of the theory as Astaroth will drop this one at level 7 and 8:

[Image: r5SQu1Z.png]

And troll lord guy its magic equivalent.

However, after farming the two on level 7 for some time now, I STILL cannot find the module I'm looking for OR its physical equivalent. And..... I'm getting sick of Astaroth's cheap bull****. (Just now for his firestorm attack, I was standing on the circle that stayed blue and I STILL died.)

I think I've seen enough evidence to suggest that these module drops are linked to stages. Does ANYONE have any idea where this module drops?

Edit: Never mind. I just got the physical equivalent off of troll lord guy. So it must be a rare drop off of Astaroth.

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