Drop rate question.
Hi, Im fairly new in this game and I still dont know much, have mercy on me if this question looks dumb or if it has been posted somewhere that I miss.

Currently, Im trying to farm stuffs from dungeons (mission maps?) and cant help but wonder, does the normal/rare item drop rate gets better with increased difficulty?

Everytime I finish a run, I always sell the useless junks and low-grade equipments that I got from that run and most of the time the amount of items I got from normal and hard difficulty does not differ that much. (heck, I got a boss drop from a normal run and the boss doesn't drop anything on a hard run sometimes)

any help is appreciated, thx Smile
it is really random, for all of the drops. So to bluntly answer RNG my friend
I see, now I dont need to waste potions doing those hard runs XD
thx for the help.

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