"Dumpling for Flowers! Competing Sakura for Viewing Cherry Blossom!" Start!
[Image: bn_hana.jpg]
Event period: 21 April 2016(after maintenance) ~ 23:59 JST 5 May 2016

Event content:

1. Dumpling for Flowers? Collect "餅米粉" and "桜の葉 " to craft event L.gear!
List of event items that can be produced


 [Image: item_so.png] 5 x 桜のお餅
※ Three times a day per character
Duration: 20 seconds
Skill cooldown reduced by 15%
PP gain rate increased by 50%
Skill consumption reduced by 10%
 [Image: item_mk.png] 3 x 餅米粉

 [Image: item_kib.png] 1 x 強化アイテムBOX
※ Once a day per character
 [Image: item_mk.png] 10 x 餅米粉
[Image: item_sh.png] 5 x 桜の葉

 [Image: item_sf.png] 1 x シェフのフライパン
※ Once per character
 [Image: item_mk.png] 30 x 餅米粉
[Image: item_sh.png] 10 x 桜の葉

 [Image: item_cb.png] 1 x チェリーブロッサムワルツ
※ Once per character
 [Image: item_mk.png] 60 x 餅米粉
[Image: item_sh.png] 20 x 桜の葉

 L. gear Preview


 [Image: ex_sf.png]


[Image: ex_cb.png]

When you use "強化アイテムBOX", you can get one from these following items.

 [Image: item_i_k.png]
 7~10 x 一般強化燃料

 [Image: item_k_k.png]
 5~7 x 高級強化燃料

 [Image: item_s_k.png]
 3~5 x 最高級強化燃料

 [Image: item_pre_k.png]
 1~3 x プレミアム強化燃料

 [Image: item_sto.png]
 1 x 最高級天然オイル

 [Image: item_ko.png]
 1 x 強化のオーラ

 [Image: item_do.png]
 1 x 大成功のオーラ

 [Image: item_sb.png]
 1 x 酸化防止剤

 [Image: item_ob.png]
 1 x 汚染防止剤

2. Get free item by simply login everyday!
When you login to the game, you will get this item from mailbox.

 [Image: item_hhh.png]
 1 x 華やかな春の花BOX

When you use it, you can get one from these following items.

 [Image: item_hc.png]
 5~10 x 復活カプセル

 [Image: item_jdc.png]
 10~20 x 迅速デュアル回復カプセル

 [Image: item_his.png]
 15~20 x 汎用位相繊維

 [Image: item_kis.png]
 10~15 x 高級位相繊維

 [Image: item_sis.png]
 10~15 x 最上級位相繊維

 [Image: item_mk.png]
 3~5 x 餅米粉

 [Image: item_sh.png]
 3~5 x 桜の葉

 [Image: item_oci.png]
 1 x オーバークロックイコライザー

 [Image: item_sjc.png]
 3~7 x 最高級ジュエルコンポーネント

 [Image: item_sji.png]
 1 x 最高級ジュエルイコライザー

 [Image: item_so.png]
 10 x 桜のお餅

Please Note:
 ※ L. gear from event campaign can’t be traded, sold, decomposed, tuned, upgraded but you can be moved into account shared warehouse.
 ※ Each event L.gear can only crafted once per character in your account.
 ※ On 12 May 2016(when the maintenance start), you can't do any production from this event.
     On 5 May 2016 "餅米粉" and "桜の葉" will not drop.
 ※ "桜のお餅" and "強化アイテムBOX" production limit will be resetted at 04:00 JST everyday.
 ※ On 12 May, "餅米粉", "桜の葉", "桜のお餅", "華やかな春の花BOX" will be deleted and you can't do any production from this event (the item that you got from "華やかな春の花BOX" and "強化アイテムBOX" will not be deleted).
 ※ Because some unforseen reason, the content and schedule of the event can be changed anytime.

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