Dungeon recommendations for new Union Agents
When you're around Lv. 27~28, you'll reach the point where story quest for Area #2 - (Old) Guro Station - is finished, but cannot enter the next area due to your level. The minimum level required for entering the next area - Singang high school - is Lv. 31, so you can't move onto the next area right away.

2-6 Outside of Guro Department store is good place for both leveling and earning some money. You can get "Skull Queen's body fragments" here, a core material for elite weapon "Space Sever"

Like (Old) Guro Station, you'll meet the gap where story quests are finished but you lack level to enter the next area. 3-3 Cherry blossom way is good for closers in this gap. In case of clearing the dungeon with SSS rank, this place gives the most exp and boss occasionally drops expensive material item.


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