[ENDED] Closers HQ: Closers NA CBT Access Code Giveaway Part 5
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The giveaway has ended. Thanks for all of the participation within the giveaway!

The very final giveaway.

*These are just buddy codes and not founder packs, so all these will do is to give you access to CBT, but no other founder rewards. We will potentially be giving founder packs, but this first one will just be three buddy codes for the CBT access.

Copypasta. Congratulations to those who won! Sorry for those of you who didn't.

The very last giveaway(that will be announced, since these are my last batch of codes). If I do get any more donations later, I will use those codes in just random giveaways on Discord. It will be the same format as the others, and again, it will be from the draw of 1 to 1111.

This time, it will be dedicated to Mistiltein.

*If you are already in CHQ Discord and have CLS-NA role, skip to #3.

1. First off, join the ClosersHQ Discord:
[Image: Get9Fvo.png]

2. Then, assign yourself CLS-NA role by going to #hq-bot-cmd under General Discussion and typing !joinNA.

3. After you assign your CLS-NA role, the hidden channel called #cbt-codes-giveaway should become visible under Closers NA Discussion.
[Image: TcUtDIC.png]

4. In that channel, post any kind of picture for Mistiltein- regardless of screenshot, fanart, official illustration, etc. Do NOT post a NSFW art!

5. Along with the screenshot, simply choose a number between 1~100 that WAS NOT taken by a previous member who have posted in the channel. First come to get the number is first serve!

6. Do NOT post anything else within the channel to reduce clutter. Feel free to have discussions in #closers-na, though.

7. You are done! Winners will be picked on November 8th, around 6 PM PST. But the time can change depending on my mood, so do try to get the raffles in pretty quick!

Winners will be announced on Tuesday.

Good luck!
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