Emergency Defense Mission System Revamp details.
They've redone the EDMs, and now they give lots of goodies that you should find useful at all levels, as opposed to the old system where you stopped caring for them as soon as the Epilogue area came out.

-There are different stages for each day. Each with different reward themes.

-You can save your three/four daily tries until the next day and use them during the available time before the Stamina Reset in case you find the next day's rewards more desireable.

-Everyone is running them again! Queue up!

The reward themes, as shown on the UI:

Monday: Talismans and crafting materials.
Tuesday: Gear enhancement materials.
Wednesday: Money! (The Dimensional statues you NPC.)
Thursday: Costume fibers and tuning items.
Friday: Boss drops, (both homogenized and final area boss drops) Plane Gate items, (Crystals and Red Books.) and Stamina Potions.
Saturday and Sunday: Completely random anything goes day. The minibosses from the other days will spawn and drop their associated drops.

The stages are basically the same thing as the older EDMs. Just with more enemy variety.

You can also get U Coins from them. Previously they were PC Cafe only. But we can get them now. (12 for an Elite Training Ticket.)

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