Emergency Dungeon Drops
I've looked around but can't seem to find an answer to this, so here it is:

What is the merit to having these emergency dungeon drops? What are they meant for? I'm talking about that purple material drop that seems to be coming from every big enemy there. I don't know what it's meant to craft if anything.
Go to the Crafting Robot and in one of the tabs near the bottom you'll see 4 boxes. You need 40 of those drops + 3 other drops to craft a box.

Each EDM clear gives you 1 of the 3 other drops. So if you clear 3 times a day you can get a box. Which box you can make depends on the day. They change up the clear reward every day.

The box order I believe is:

Boss Materials
Potions and Junk
One more question concerning this then. Have you tried opening any of these boxes before? Boss material seems worth if I'm trying to make a weapon but what of Equipment and Costumes? I want to know if you recommend trying for one or the other. Thank you in advance.
Different boxes need different materials and are shuffled everyday so basically you will try them all each day, unless you want to just farm a specific box meaning you will miss some EDM

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