End Game?
I just recently hit lvl 58, and I'm not sure what to do. Should i keep continuing the main quest line? The monsters are getting really tanky though.
For my gear, what should i be getting or aiming towards? I am playing J btw.
And for my passive skills what should i be getting? Also I've been leaving most of my skills at lvl 10 and not sure what i should keep lvling up.
I'm not so familiar with J so I can't give you comments on skills. But as for what to do: I do have few to suggest.
After you finish Epilogue area, you unlock Plane Gate, and another new system called PNA system at Plane Gate. And your activities mostly surround dungeons at Plane Gate.
Getting materials to craft Orange Gear you get from Boos Drops at Plane Gate, more materials to craft even stronger versions of the Orange Gear you crafted. Just grind grind grind.
As for PNA System, you can check forum, I believe I came across a guide to that.

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