Error while start
So I started the game after a while again and while I was done patching and started the game I got an error. Can somebody help?
[Image: unbenanntmd7ket2lzq.png]
[Image: unbenannt2fwkil8teda.png]
First error in Korean is that you are probably logged out when the patch is complete. Try to log in again via the website.
Second one,I think, is your Direct3D/DiirectX is up to date?
Ah, thank you, that helped =3
I been getting this again after the patch, did u just relog?
[Image: 2hi70r6.gif]
This often happens when you try to open the game, but your login session already expired, so just relogging should help.
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
I am having this stupid error again even if I relog oh god.. annoying ****, and I can just play normally yesterday srsly...

relogged for the nth* ****ing time ._. srsly... this is making me rage what a shitty troll.

Click Game Start>Relog>Click Yellow Button>Error
Relog>Click Game Start>Click Yellow Button>Error
Click Game Start>Relog>Click Game Start>Click yes on starting launcher again>Click Yellow Button>Error

Relog>Relog>Relog>Click Launcher>Closes>Relog>Click Launcher>Click Yellow Button>Error

Resetted winsock(random)

still error
seriously, this launcher really acts like a girl wtf can they f***ing fix this err.
[Image: 2hi70r6.gif]

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