Event box
Hello! I'd like to ask about this box; http://i.imgur.com/FN9YUqb.png
I am assuming it is for the new character (I don't know her name, but she's the new character as it is from her event) though I'd like to ask if I am sure. If it is only for her how could I transfer it to her from this account? I tried the e-mail but I don't know if/how to attach items. Any form of help is appreciated, thank you.
You need to unlock account storage through a quest via Song Euni in Singang High School (Area 3).

Iirc, it's a quest that uses 3 Legendary Cracks. I'm not sure what the other thing is, cos it's one-time thing. :/
No longer active
I later on noticed I could share the stuff, apparently I did the quests and find a way to share it. Sadly though my Harpy needs to be level 40 and 48 to open the boxes inside it.

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