Expired 5/12~5/26 Events
[Image: GCjTzOW.gif]

Update 5/15: Teacher's Day Event information added
Update 5/16: Yuri's Birthday information added
Update 5/19: Training Event information added

March 17th is Seo Yuri's birthday!

[Image: 8hhXUkn.png]


[Image: t56Fm7N.png]

Source: http://closers.nexon.com/events/2016/05/...Event.aspx

Costume: UNION Academy

[Image: dkG1C8R.png]

Costume part names can be found on  wiki.

Preview: http://closers.nexon.com/events/2016/04/28/costume.aspx


Teacher's Day (EXPIRED)
[Image: nHxxC7K.png]

Source: http://closers.nexon.com/news/events/Vie...icleSN=342

Children's Day (Male Costume)
[Image: KhV1VMz.png]

Source: http://closers.nexon.com/events/2016/05/12/event01.aspx

Show Me the Jackpot

[Image: e418Q1J.png]

Source: http://closers.nexon.com/news/events/vie...iclesn=340

Attendance Check
[Image: RsEABhZ.png]

Source: http://closers.nexon.com/events/2016/05/12/event01.aspx

[Image: LJddwmD.png]

Source: http://closers.nexon.com/events/2016/05/...ining.aspx

Nexon Contents Festival x Closers
[Image: 2aE9z3K.png]

Source: http://closers.nexon.com/news/events/Vie...icleSN=344
No longer active
update bump, 1 day remaining if you want to comment for the NX
No longer active
yuri birthday bump
No longer active
update bump
No longer active

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