Expired Rampant cube event
[Image: GCjTzOW.gif]

There's no details about that one anywhere on the website or in game.

Deadline: 2/25

I've cleared it 5 times already
Where can i claim the title ?

Wait... should i do the rampant cube dungeon 5 times, or do the quest 5 times ?

This is the quest right ?
[Image: zOnTaJr.png]
[Image: SdF0YKB.png]
After you complete that quest, you get a repeatable quest for 5 more of the broken machine pieces.

You have to do that 5/10 times. You get the titles in the form of an achievement award.
(02-07-2016, 07:54 PM)Person Wrote: Finish the rampant cube event repeatable quest 5/10 times to get the following titles:
1st title: (Clear the repeatable rampant cube event quest 5 times)
[Image: CW_2016-02-06_14-50-52.png]
7% both critical rates
4% mov speed
2% attack speed
2nd title: (Clear the repeatable rampant cube event quest 10 times)
[Image: CW_2016-02-06_07-46-54.png]
+45 both raw attacks
+10% both critical damage

So I have to do it on Yuri

**** you too naddick
No longer active
Discovery: The broken machine pieces for the repeatable quest and cubes for crafting are bank shareable.

So if you have a character with the title and can't craft any more PNA boxes with extras, s/he can give them to someone else working on those.

I can feel the memes here. Have fun.
(02-11-2016, 03:14 PM)Endgame Wrote: Discovery: The broken machine pieces for the repeatable quest and cubes for crafting are bank shareable.

I love you
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You can't craft OA costume piece boxes if your character isn't Lv45+, but you can bank share the boxes to open them later on another char.
So is there really no place where it's stated the event ends?

I'm very curious since:

-I've only gotten the 10% CHD title on 3/8 characters so far. (Although I'll get Harpy's today.) If it ends on the 18th, I REALLY need to stop slacking off.

And more interestingly:

-The counter on the event craftables says we have over 60 days left.

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