Expired Spring Seed Event
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^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
9000 seeds for full OA costume....V.Hard at least 1500 times haha.
I honestly dont know who would ever be interested in grinding this except for people who missed the OA period...
^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
And I was about to consider farming them with Yuri.

Oh well.
All VH dungeons from Area 3 and 4 give 8 minimum (2 puff from mini boss, 6 puff from boss)

Training Room only drops puffs from the main Boss.
Dungeons that have more than one main Boss will not drop more than 1 round of puffs.

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(03-19-2015, 08:18 AM)Khleys Wrote:

>_< *sigh* which means you have to finish off all the stamina on v hard maps daily to achieve that.
imma just f*** it and abandon this event. i would participate if it's another random costume. i dont mind if it doesnt look that good but at least it's a different set than OA... 

makes me feel rather pointless to do it to get OA again, and im not rich enough to make it 2* to sell... (my costumes are still 1*)
also, for your Edit3, dont forget they can issue costume price averages, so...... we'll never know what they might do in the future. SEE THIS IS WHY I SOMETIMES HATE BUYING AND SELLING IN THE GAME. so hard to predict when everything's covered, and they can do whatever they want to recall the averages. 
And it makes me wonder if certain things should be kept for future or sell it at current price.

Guess i'll take this time to level tein for OA and play in Els SD.. T_T

*continues rumbling about naddic's decisions on the updates*
^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
It sucks even more if you just started Epilouge area, since even though easy/normal/hard are harder than very hard maps on 4-x, you get less seeds. Ugh.
In my opinion, all of them are not worth it except for costume. If they include different costumes instead of OA, it would have been more worth it but I presume they might make it RNG eue
Well for the daily wait, at least you don't have to stay on for 180 minutes in a row.

It's also cumulative, rather than a single reward.
So 9 total on weekdays and 18 on weekends Big Grin
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Uhm... so... I want the glasses. Can I get them without having to grind 24/7?
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