Expired Training Program Event
Rough Translations! Sorry.

[Image: NovsfwZ.jpg]
The cat tail and the symbol m. fresco are really tempting. I'll try to get them for my Seulbi. :)

Thanks for translating!
[Image: l1joBd2.png]
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ID: Kaideh
Thanks for the translation, this looks like a really interesting event.
Tried the Guro Station training program already, and I will try out the Singang High School training program once it's time.

The training program event is pretty good so far.

Thank you, Dust!
so the cat tail only drops form training dungeons for a limited time?
thanks for translation !
The new year event link redirect us to this page,Fix when possible.
[Image: 8681dbfccccffd36141ae42ca6d78420.png]

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