Expired Winter events
[Image: GCjTzOW.gif]
[Image: 1a7816346f0657c851f0beb83a865b07.jpg]

Do note this is considered one of the most broken best events so far.

Credits to Kanra for some/most translations.

Holy moly this is going to be the best Closers Event ever Smile Smile
[Image: 10338272_1543625559291546_87915759278009...e=56D6CE42]
Updated with full details for christmas event.

As Koreans said, Merry Belated Closersmas!
By the way, you get PNA EXP from the event dungeons, I just noticed

Also @OT: Channel doesn't matter
You also don't need to break the box, none of the dungeons have loading screens, so at the end of the dungeon, the box is automatically killed and you get the loot.
No longer active
I got a Nightmare Astaroth accessory from one of the shadow clones.

.....It's a shame Harpy can't do Very Hard though. (Level 61 requirement.)

Also, do note that the snowlambs and volcanoes have a chance to drop things when destroyed, but are not required to destroy to advance.

Edit: Also, the 1st stage on Very Hard has 2 bosses, and thus, 2 icicle and santa hat drops. So if nothing else when running low on time, do 1 VH and the other two on Hard.
(12-31-2015, 01:33 PM)Endgame Wrote: I got a Nightmare Astaroth accessory from one of the shadow clones.

Meanwhile, I have yet to loot those sfkqbhmsdfoiquhemoihjqdomitghqetjh

at least I bought the set, for 75m..

(12-31-2015, 01:02 PM)Khleys Wrote: By the way, you get PNA EXP from the event dungeons, I just noticed

You get PNA EXP from basic epilogue dungeons too now, Kanra tested it.
Am I the only one who doesn't even have a single character who can access VH?... I'll have to rush level my Seulbi today to 61 ;;

Is it worth doing it on lv30~40-ish alts? That's all I can arrange in a short time interval other than Seulbi herself.
It gives good stuff on all levels.

However, Hard and Very Hard give Plane Gate stuff.

Edit: The servers are getting pounded so hard right now. There's so much lag between stage section transitions and even skill cooldowns being extended.
Spam the event dungeon everyday to get those boxes :3
[Image: 10338272_1543625559291546_87915759278009...e=56D6CE42]
And the stages are going to be available until 1/28? (1/27 for us westerners.) Hot damn!

Looks like I finally have a reason to use that 15 day accountwide Elite Training Ticket.

Be careful around the shadow clones on Very Hard though. They are very capable of catching and stunlocking you. Especially J and Mistleltein's as the two are very prone to spamming their FMs and abusing their iframes.

They don't hit very hard, but they will kill your Defense ranking, causing you to miss out on goodlies.

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