Expired Winter events
Reminder that the weekend event that requires you to visit the website to get goodies is starting today.
(01-08-2016, 04:12 PM)Endgame Wrote: Reminder that the weekend event that requires you to visit the website to get goodies is starting today.

This game really doesn't want me to finish Fire Emblem.
No longer active
Apparently this is necessary, but this is the reward of the first weekend:
Quote:-3* Morax 14day weapon costume
-10x Legendary PG craft material
-Random character permanent random hair box (with 0 seals left, gotta upgrade to trade it)
-PC sht that you won't get
-Bunny washing machine x2
Added snowflakes (wings) into craftables & Event limited titles & achievements........

Because asking us to do a dungeon on hard mode 9 times right on the last week when they added Mephisto & Irina wings drops on VH clones ONLY and removed the additional entry event is FAIR.

Titles actually have stats, unlike any other title in the game...?

I lied, this apparently exist and isn't event limited:
[Image: CW_2016-01-22_09-34-40.png]

Yeah, it can give things such as money drop rate, exp drop rate or even HP/attack speed.

The additional stats shows as buff in dungeon.

Incoming reaper....
Reminder that there's still one more weekend for getting goodies off the website even though the stages are gone.

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