Fast J question
Since everyone says the most op/best way to build him is permanent golden time I want to ask how exactly do you do that? Do you need a certain shield or a certain weapon? Also how to get huge HP on him? So yeah. How to permanent golden time and HP?
(10-20-2015, 09:37 AM)Waxford Wrote: everyone

Literally only one person responded to your previous thread saying that, I guess Endgame is everyone now

(10-20-2015, 09:37 AM)Waxford Wrote: how exactly do you do that? Do you need a certain shield or a certain weapon?

Stack CDR (CoolDown Reduction) in PNA and wear equipment with CDR stat (Use a Lantern, Wand, or Dagger weapon core)

(10-20-2015, 09:37 AM)Waxford Wrote: Also how to get huge HP on him?

Stack HP with Blue Strains in PNA, use lots of mascots (+HP shield)/equips with HP additional effect, and get HP passive.

Anyways going to request moving this thread to J
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The main sources of Cooldown Reduction are:

-Staves or lanterns, which all come with 15%. (Fully upgraded Plane Gate weapons come with an additional 2%.) Lanterns are reccomended since they come with a massive 40%/45% Critical Hit Damage, but they have lower Attack Speed, -10% to be exact. Having a level 60 Yuri and the 3 Star costume 5 piece bonus (4% each) will mitigate this. (3 Star costume 3 piece bonus also comes with 3% CDR.)

-PNA. Here is a guide to the PNA system. Yellow and red utility strains can lead to Cooldown Reduction. They're the most expensive of the three types because of this, but their prices have deflated ever since the purple and legendary grade PNA strains were released. However, the purple and legendary strains have all three categories in one, so the chances of getting the stat you want from them are lower. There is however, a free legendary PNA event going on. It gives 6 chances at CDR strains since it gives 3 of each color. Get them while it still lasts.

-Plane Gate set modules. One of the two set modules comes with 6% CDR when fully upgraded. Although not reccomended, you could get one of them from both physical sets. (Red and Light Blue.)

-Module tuning options. However, they're rather small. The B Rank option for CDR only gives 1.50%.

-Skill cubes. The ones that apply to Golden Time again are:

Cooldown Reduction: Finishing Move (13-15%)
쿨타임 감소 : 결전기

Improved Cooldown Reduction: Finishing Move (18-?%) (Note: This one is a legendary, so it could be expensive. I can't tell you because I've never seen one on the Black Market.)
향상된 쿨타임 감소 : 결전기

Note: While Cooldown Reduction has an effective cap of 40% for most skills, Golden Time Again and Misteltein's March of Valhalla continue to be affected by CDR beyond 40%. So I wouldn't reccomend getting CDR cubes for all skills.

As for HP, J gets higher HP on his own. But in addition to the HP passive that gives +12% max HP when maxed. (I passed it up to invest into other passives though.) I would focus on defenses over HP though. Maxing out the Physical and Magic Defense passives gives +15% flat damage reduction, and Golden Time Again gives 8% at level 13. (Current highest level without bonus levels from gear.) He can hit above 80% damage reduction while having 25k+ HP in Plane Gate gear.

But your prime source for bonus HP is PNA. Blue and red strains can come in base value or percentage bonus PNA bonuses. (Legendary red HP percentage strains give 12.5%, .5% more than what you get from the HP passive which costs 20 SP.)
Quote:Literally only one person responded to your previous thread saying that, I guess Endgame is everyone now
Not only Endgame. 2 people from my circle told me that too. So 3 people = everyone haha
Well, if you don't have permanent golden time, you're missing on a lot, that's all i can say :/

Also, you can only achieve permanent golden time again at Lv49 with 40% CDr~ish

Apparently the cooldown doesn't go past 40%, but it counts 40% from the original Lv1's cooldown and deduct it from your current skill level, and since FM2's CD reduce per level, it makes us think its not capped at 40%, that or it has 50% cap or something :/ all i know is that the % is only related to the Lv1 skill's CD.

But yeah, naturally, you can argue with physical, magical J build or even hybrid, but golden time again will always give you Lv3~4(on awakening) SAC from basic attacks and some skills IN addition to +85% critical damage to both magical and physical, so regardless of your build, golden time again is always good.

I don't see why it wouldn't be a general rule to GDA loop :C

Either way, no matter what character you play/gear you use, you should be able to get 40%~ CDr from PNAs and tunings & costume set effect / additional module/shield set effects.

You just prioritize a CDr option cube for FM2 on J since it makes you able to loop FM2 at a lower level..

My favorite build for a Lv~50ish J:
6x this:
[Image: 59c096116858c84b44b786dfa5c89d02.png]

FM CDr cube for FM2 and a lantern, 3x hybrid modules that gives critical rate, preferably at Lv60 elite airport module (+6% critical chance), of course for hybrid build (and you'll have almost 0 physical defense xD full retard build that is)

In total: 42% critical chance 33% CDr and 10~14% FM2 CDr on option cube.

Higher critical rate means better profit from golden time again AND lanterns, its hard without plane gate gears so..

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