Favourite Anime Openings

I've watched way too many.

Orrr maybe...

Well, these are favorite by theme, not entirely by animation.
If we went with animation priority, it would probably be.. uhhh..

(This is the king opening of english covers..... I couldn't even find the original)

Let's see.. Uh pure english opening?
That's worthy of mention, because to be honest, I only know english so to me, japanese songs are simply like a beat: they hold no lyrical existence as it's all just sounds I can't make out.


I'm actually a weab that much prefers english because I actually understand it and won't fake understanding a single word.
Uh, for english, I'd go with..
Seulbi: Mystio (Lv.40) Yuri: LMAO (Lv.32)
[Image: pepto.gif][Image: 2pepto.gif][Image: 3pepto.gif]
Seha: CRAP (Lv.21) J: ROFL (Lv.20)

(01-26-2015, 07:39 AM)Mystio Wrote:

Superior Version

The best opening I saw this year:

livetune <3
[Image: Aiip38z.png]

and then maybe... this?

i dont watch a whole lot of anime but these two have given me the urge to sing along so they're probably my favorites lmao

edit: oh, right, Tokyo Ghoul's anime wasn't that great but it's opening was amazing, and KLK's 2nd opening was pretty great, too.
Favorites of the season:



this was my childhood jam omllll 

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