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Forced Solo Missions
Do you like them or hate them?
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Personally like them but would be nice if it can be carried out by premade parties.
I know it would be an issue with random parties tho.
I don't really care about them. As a soloist, I don't mind at all.
Attack for the hit, fight for the win.

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They're not bad. Naddic figured a good way to balance parties is to just give everything a crap ton of health, so it's not really any different. Figured you'd want to play with a party in an MMO, but ayyyyy.
<3 them
On the one hand, they're OK since I like to solo. On the other hand, I hate forced solo missions that take place in Hard or V. Hard missions. Mainly because at that point, the enemies have insane health and it feels like a pain just chipping through all that. Especially if the reason it's a solo mission is because the boss has something to say to you, or Ash and Dust felt like saying hi, or anything inane.
I like them. :<
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
I generally solo dungeons so...i dont see a difference
I only partied for OA cube for like 6runs and the master difficulty 2-s since i was told it shld be completed on last wave for OA quest ouo
I don't mind them until Area 4 Very Hard stages. Then I start to hate them.

The final one where you have to solo Astaroth on Very Hard is especially painful due to his absurd amount of HP and how he counters virtually ****ing everything.

Oh, and the 4-7 VH one where you have to fight the two minibosses while Hecatonchires is pounding on you is really annoying too.
I don't mind them, but if I'm being timed for a side quest, then I don't want to get interrupted by anyone.

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