French player !!!
Hello everyone,

I'm NuitWhite on this site, in game & discord.
I have 22 years old & i live in France o/

I here for found french player & english too :p but more french because my english is so bad Sad

I play on Korean Server,
My main character are Nata - lvl 63 and other character, J - lvl 39 and Seha - lvl ~20.
I'm not new player, is my second account on this forum because i have forget the older :p
I have my Nexon KR account since May 2015 for CLosers Online and i have up my character J 39 but i'm more active since 2 month with my new character Nata Big Grin 

I'm always on Discord if you want contact me. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Thanks you Smile

[Image: 1462269276-1b3844c454534125b45420ba089d7...-distr.png]
Nata LVL 63 - French Player

[Image: tumblr_nohlck5wQ01tmwpiao1_500.gif]

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