Game freezing at loading, anyone else getting this issue?
Quote:Anyone else getting this issue? I just want to make sure if its just me or not..

It generally happens when:

-Starting a dungeon/PVP, the game would freeze for like 15 seconds before it shows the loading screen then kicking me out of it.

-Selecting channel, game would freeze then give me a pop up that makes the whole UI disappears afterwards which means I can no longer login until I restart the game weeeeee....

-This has nothing to do with MY connection at least, there's no lag spike detected on my side...

-Things like this might happen and it seems related (when you fail to load a dungeon once and go in again, you'll see this):
[Image: Ch0FJuN.jpg]

Seems like I'm not the only one having this issue, I hope they fix it soon because I can't stand getting it 20 time a day.
You don't switch to another program or click CW.exe
[Image: VvNKUFz.jpg]
(07-04-2016, 11:44 AM)lizard8 Wrote: You don't switch to another program or click CW.exe

So, does it happens to you when you alt tab?

Because I was starting to suspect my hardware, I'm not looking for a solution, just asking if I'm the only one (bug will never get fixed) or not (bug will get fixed in the future).

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