Game has gotten too easy?
Playing Harpy up to G-tower, and I'm pretty much stomping through every single dungeon. I haven't used a single pot or revive capsule and half of my gear is from when I was level 10. Seriously, Harpy has so many skills and combos that I can just blindly button mash without even knowing what I'm doing and monsters will melt like butter. They're basically punching bags for my over-the-top array of skills. It was the same for Nata as well. It's to the point where I got bored with the game because there's no challenge.

Does the game get harder later on? Because right now it's a joke. I remember playing Closers in beta and the dungeons were much, much more challenging then this button mashing simulator.
Yes. Now you have to get to Plane Gate, the endgame area, before things stop rolling over and die however. (And even then, once you have your fully upgraded sets, you can steamroll through those stages too.)

Area 5 was old levels of difficulty on release, but they've been steadily nerfing it too. I haven't been there lately, but I do believe a few attacks the Area 5 bosses have should still be able to kill you.
It's probably so that everyone can get up to speed with the story progression. I mean, this is an alt-heavy game because of the Teammate system and Official Agent/Crew happens at Lv 40. At the very least, getting that far is less of a hassle.

Either that or the Wolfdogs are just that strong.
I'm convinced that they're intentionally making stages hard on release to give the hardcore players a challenge then nerfing them down later for everyone else now. Veronica (Area 6 final boss) hits really hard even when you have 80+% damage reduction. (And you can only get that high with Seulbi, J, and Misteltein's skills on top of maxed passives.)

However, I do wonder how they intend to handle this for international versions. Will they just get the nerfed versions from day one?
Probably the same way KR's doing it. I checked up on Japan's site the other day and they still don't have the Wolfdogs up, and yet they have the NPC Cosplay outfits up for all the Black Lambs. Not sure if they have International Airport yet, though.
The dungeons were progressively nerfed since the OBT. Why? Well, the game was too challenging, of course!

I know, I know. Sometimes challenge is really what we need and challenge is something that makes the game fun, and it might have been actually good in our standards. However, the game shouldn't be set in level for hardcore players, but rather the casuals, quite unfortunately.

They need to have some sort of measure that these casual players don't fall off from the game in the very beginning. That's why the dungeons were progressively nerfed, and starting on from Plane Gate, the bosses actually do start to be something more than a punching bag that dies within a single Finishing Move. From then on players actually do get hardcore.

As unfortunate as it is, try to look past the first four areas. Even if you play with other characters from the beginning again, you'll probably feel that it is much easier than before. Harpy by default has much more efficiency running dungeons due to her high mobility and Air Drive just about taking care of everything at low levels. As you climb the levels up, the things should become somewhat more challenging- at least the bosses.
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