Game installation
Anybody knows a step-by-step guide as to how i can download Closers JP? Im kinda new to VPN-gaming and im abit confused >.< i cant seem to find a download link either
Hi ! no more VPN needed, since Closers is now hosted by Happytuk !

Once you've created your account, you can go to
then click on "HappyTukランチャー手動ダウンロード", and then on "ダウンロード" ( you have to do both )

Once you've done all that i said, you can simply click on "Game Start", updating the game and you will be able to play !
thanks! is there a english patch/translation for this as well? im still trying to learn to read japanese and im not really fluent yet ><
As a student studying japanese myself, i can only say that playing in japanese will help a lot, but infortunately, there is actually a patcher for KR Closers ( made by Closers HQ team ) but it doesn't work in JP. The best you can do is if you can't understand something, check on the wiki or ask on Discord
alright, noted ^^ thx for the help!
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