Game issue ?
When i finish update and start the game, i can't get into the character select screen, it stopped at the black loading screen and the icon keep rolling and rolling again.
Can anyone help me with this ?
Did hackshield finish patching?Did you get any error pop up?
I remember something like this happening with some error with a lot of questions marks appearing. The only difference is that, it never reached the Nexon logo animation. Just, black screen of no response.

>Close the program.
>>Attempt a start again.
>Close it again if it happens.
>Go back to the site.
>>Log out.
>>Log in.
>Attempt start.
(05-22-2015, 01:58 PM)Othinus Wrote: error with a lot of questions marks appearing.

Simple reminder,in case you get unicode error pop up,switch your system local to korean to be able to view the error properly,so someone can translate it later.

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