Gear Tuning?
Hi, i'm here to ask one thing. I read the Gear tuning guide on the forum but there is just one problem. I can't translate the rerolling bonus by myself.. so, can i find all bonus translations somewhere?

And for the specific mob type bonuses that do not appear on the character sheet:

비무장 = Unarmed
경량형 = Lightweight
중형 = Medium
대형 = Heavy
건물형 = Structure

관통률 = Penetration

피해량 증가 = Bonus Damage
I can't find any gear tuning tab, where should i read?
(11-15-2015, 05:14 PM)Shu4E Wrote: I can't find any gear tuning tab, where should i read?

CL - Information → Scroll down to Detailed Window
Gonna have to mix and match 'em yourself.
Just remember the korean for important stats, such as Aerial, Back, Critical Rate/Damage, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Defense Penetration, and Attack, and check the Korean for the ones you get A or S rank for.
Also, if there's +1, you can check which skill got it by equipping the weapon and looking for the skill with the green text.

If there is more than one skill with green text, then unequip the weapon and see which one is currently green, and then re-equip weapon to see which one is now green to determine which one got the +1 from tune.
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And, you can only get skill level + for your own character when tuning the item, however if you purchase a tuned item from board, it can be any character's skill.

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