General Black Market
Accessing the Black Market:

Around town there is an NPC that is the merchant for Weapons as well as being the Black Market Manager. The icon above their head is depicted with..
[Image: QikDciI.png]

Talk to the NPC and press the second option (Hotkey: S)
[Image: 9FZCLoD.png]

The Black Market:

[Image: o9AXGVO.png]

- Buying -
Several options will appear/disappear depending on the selected options. The following are the translated options.

Item Types
[Image: JO2Y2gf.png]

Weapon Sub-menu
[Image: hQE1fgz.png]

Module Sub-menu
[Image: Xk5KOat.png]

Shield Sub-menu
[Image: VQtyX7T.png]

Costume Sub-menu
[Image: dTuMeXG.png]

Accessories Sub-menu
[Image: Z9aUuTu.png]

Gear Tuning Options
[Image: z50AAb9.png]
[Image: Wo04ho6.png]

- Selling -
[Image: bCIYeQ0.png]

Treat it just like any other Black Market

- Transaction History -
[Image: 3scXH71.png]

Use this website for the time being to copy and paste items into the searchbox.

Transaction statistics are daily
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I hate that the tuning filter nevers works as intended. Sad

Account Name (KR) - JasonCMK
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Yukinochan - Lv40+ Yuri
Hachimankun - Lv40+ Seha
Zaimokuzakun - Lv40+ J
Saikakun - Lv30+ Tein

I have forgotten the password. Bought another KR account. (Account Name: JasonCMK2)

Going to play the Taiwanese version in the future
canon name is le 'Black Market' by teh wei


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