General Gifting guide
Open the item mall,choose the item you want to gift,click this button:
[Image: 114d4f7f93557dfb4c5f530704bed904.png]
You will get this pop up,type the CHARACTER name of the person you want to gift the item to,then click the box on the right to confirm:
[Image: e4cd186c13e3e833172dd73bc667d4be.png]
Once done,click the yellow button on bottom right to send.

How to receive item:

If you have been gifted something you will receive an automatic mail later on from the person who gifted you as notification,click this button in your inventory:
[Image: 85b0b23478ac970363fe7e29041036c1.png]
You should be able to see the gifted item in the library(?):
[Image: f59f8e86127ca3dd748f19a23f4dcca1.png]
Click on the item,then click on the button on bottom right:
[Image: fa227921e787eaad2a34172dfd697274.png]

The item will be sent to your inventory after that.

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