General [Guide]Circle level system and Circle Funding
1st: We got circle level system, and benefit of level up.
So to level up you have to fulfilled these tasks: (to check what is the requirement press the golden button [circle level process])
For example from level 1 to level 2:
+Get 5000 circle points (i assume you have to do dungeons in order to get the points)
+Reach 500K credits in circle fund ( all member can donate any amount from 1 up to 100K credit per donate)
After getting all the requirements done you can go ahead and press the level up button ( i think only Circle founder will be able to press this)

[Image: e3d9f4a2017337f978e55117cc563409.png]

2nd: We got circle funding.
Very straight forward, all member can contribute any amount from 1 to 100K at once, to contribute more you just have to repeat the process

[Image: c56c3e6cbec706bb0de36f72aa00ce81.png]

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