General Material Conversion Drop Rate
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What is Material Conversion?
Full name is Inter-Dimensional Material Conversion, but that's way too bloody long.
It's Closers' "gacha," run by none other than the Lovely Lee Bitna:
List up to date as of August 8th, 2015
+100% chance to receive '이차원의 겔' (2D Gel) from Material Conversion use. (You can craft various items with this on the first tab at all crafting machines, including a baggie with 100% chance to receive a costume piece. You may also SELL IT!)

Drop Amounts:
If an item is not listed here, then only one may drop from single use of Material Conversion.
  • A Rank:
    • Brilliant Phase Fiber: 3
  • B Rank:
    • Advanced Phase Fiber: 5
    • Premium Strengthening Fuel: 3
  • C Rank:
    • Premium Natural Oil: 3
    • Dual Quick Recovery Capsule: 10

*Item Descriptions:
  • Crystal Malek is item you can sell to NPC for 300k CR
  • Advanced Phase Fiber are green sparks obtained when dismantling 2* costume, used to obtain 3*
  • Brilliant Phase Fiber are green sparks obtained when dismantling 3* costume

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(07-29-2015, 05:02 AM)Person Wrote:
[Image: eec330bd645142d509743d8d702c3c04.png]

Honestly didn't notice that, my bad Tongue
Well, I have Black Lambs and Nata rates (they're different for some reason), so might as well just keep them both up...
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