General Party System
This is a guide on how to create/join a party and manage the party!

Party creation and manage
1st step: press F3 or click on the party icon
[Image: 703dee221024ff28156d18b73662619a.png]
2nd step: after pressing F3 a menu will pop up, follow the picture
[Image: b304a7dbaa36036bda6661e7d5c34143.png]
3rd step: after step 2, follow the picture to make a new party, you can skip the party name if you insist.
[Image: 4ec7ba0b924f42fa5923bdf7e6714e1b.png]
4th step: when you done creating the party, follow these steps to invite and manage
[Image: a0f04fcaf3c72d8fcfda7325fbbe37a0.png]
To kick someone:
[Image: a47c30b5071cd602043adf55314327cc.png]

Party Request/Join
1st step:press F3 or click on the party icon (look above), then party menu will come up
[Image: 2b27abd3cceeaa8dd9b621d8fac445fa.png]
2nd step:after choosing a desired party, proceed to request
[Image: dba8accfe10748f0cc977cb98a1e21ce.png]
If the party is available for requests, this will show up:
[Image: 02c90de9b7599ffcb744c5a160aaca3e.png]
If the party currently occupied, this will show up:
[Image: f0e8f8a0ddf9f58956bb33c345487d3b.png]

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