Global Version 20/06/16
Full Client Download credits to Rifvandy
Full Client Download credits to TokisakiKurumi
is Global Version has different server with Japan Version?
(06-24-2016, 07:04 AM)jimzz89 Wrote: is Global Version has different server with Japan Version?

its still JP server, what I mean global version is the version of JP's client is the same as KR and ID server.
it also mentioned on the official website about the name "Global Version" so I put the same name here.
its start to globalized because JP applied EP (energy point) too
which of this DL i need to pick cause both have different size also which is the JP
can you help me when i DL one of those global version and add manual patch 5/7/16 and 15/7/16 
its not even latest it DL to the latest patch and its takes me 5H on 21% can you give me the client that is already latest patch pliss Big Grin
Hey, i just have a question, Do i need to register for the Japanese version? or do i not need to , for this client i mean , to play it? Also do i need a JP IP  like downloading FlyVPN?

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